Sea-Way Logistics AS

A logistics hub centrally located in Mid-Norway

Frozen and dry warehouse

Transport with truck, airplane, vessel and forwarding

Sea-Way Logistics and Nordvest Lagerhotell are independent companies giving services in logistics operation and frozen and dry warehousing. Including storing, transporting with truck, airplane, vessel and forwarding services. The facility is centrally located at the fishery base at Kristiansund harbor with good sailing and quayside. The terminal has a capacity of 24.000 m3 partitioned into two rooms 5.000/19.000 m3 with a storage capacity of 4.500 tons. We have moving racks with a capacity of 4.300 pallet places. The total floor area with freezing room, office, test room and common area is 3.000 m2.


  • Freezer and dry storage

  • Custom warehouse A

  • Unloading/loading/reloading/registration/control

  • 42 tons container truck — 12 and 3.5 ton truck

  • Truck/airplane and vessel transport

  • 25 Reefer plugs for freezing and refrigerating containers

  • Approval of the Directorate of Fisheries and Food Safety Authority for fish and meat products M-9109

EDI-fish storage hotel

Data warehouse management software. We use barcode system for fast transfer and tracking of goods.


We have partners in shipping trade, bunkers, renovation, vessel repairs, vessel electronics, forwarding, storage and transportation.


  • Customs clearance, transport documents

  • Transport and logistics solutions


  • Freezer storage: 4.500 tons

  • Dry storage: 600 m2

  • Quay length: 80 m / 60 m

  • Quay depth: 10 m